Click here for lots of info on extended warranties that you should know. - There are lots of goof tricks that the dealers play with extended warranties. Many of you know Corey's negative opinion of Service Contracts and Warranties. He is proud to recommend Warranty Gold. Their warranties are not only 50-70 percent less expensive than the car dealer, but best of all... if you have a car with under 24,000 miles on it, they will refund you 85 percent of the warranty cost if you don't used the warranty by the end of the term! Now that is value! They cover new and used cars and you can cancel the contract at any time you are not satisfied and receive the un-used portion of the contract back (try to find other warranties that do that)! It covers "wear and tear" which almost NO other warranty covers. You can get your car fixed at ANY REPAIR SHOP you choose, not just "authorized repair shops" or "authorized dealers" like other warranties speci! ! fy! They offer compensation for rental cars, meals, lodging, etc. You won't be disappointed. These are extended warranties that are actually worth it! Click here to get a "no obligation" quote displayed on your monitor within a couple of seconds (it is all done in "real-time").

Free "pre-haggled" NEW CAR Price Quote from a local car dealer - If you want to get a car at a great price from a local dealer without the haggling, click the link and you will get a great price quote emailed to you from your local dealer with no obligation to buy. What do you have to lose... it is free. I recommend it highly - a great service. Just fill out their form at it will be emailed to you. I decided to put a copy of their banner below because it has such a good likeness of a car salesman in the picture (I got a good laugh from it):

Click here to get a free price quote on a new car

Free "pre-haggled" USED CAR Price Quote from a local car dealer - Get a free price quote from dealers in your area on a used vehicle. What do you have to lose... again, it is free. It will be emailed to you with no obligation to buy.

Great Leasing Software and Info - If you are considering a lease on a new or slightly used car, 30 seconds from now you will have enough information to save yourself a bundle of cash and a mountain stress! You MUST see LeaseWizard Lease and Loan Software for Windows! This wonderfully inexpensive software has been recommended by Automobile Magazine, Motor Trend and consumers alike! It prints professional lease and loan reports for comparison, allows you to run "what if" scenarios and ferret out hidden capital costs. I personally recommend it highly. Michael Kranitz also has written a book titled "Look Before You Lease: Secrets to Smart Vehicle Leasing". It is the only leasing guide on the market which has received recommendations from Consumers Digest, Motor Trend and's Business and Investment Editor. It is jam-packed with all the information you need to confidently negotiate a lease and walk away knowing you got a great deal! Check it out. - Over 150,000 classified automotive ads updated daily. From thousands of color pictures of cars to auto parts for sale. Search for yourself or place your own FREE ad that will appear online and in a newspaper.

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