Free Price Quote from a dealer in your local area

If you want to get a NEW OR USED CAR at a great price from a local dealer without the haggling, we have a network of ten's of thousands of new car dealers around the country that have agreed to email you their lowest, no-haggle price on the vehicle of your choice (with no obligation to buy). We have done the haggling for you so you don't have to. Just go to the form and fill out your information and what car you are looking for. A local dealer will email you their lowest price they would take for that vehicle.

What do you have to lose... it is free. Go to the site and fill out the form with your information and what car you are interested in to get a "pre-haggled" price quote on a that vehicle from a local dealer. If you are interested in getting a price quote for a few vehicles, when you have completed your first price quote, just click the back button enough times to bring you back to the beginning of the form so you can fill out the information for the 2nd or 3rd car you would like to get a quote on.

There are two places to get free "lowest price" car quotes from. The first link will give you a price on a new OR used car, and the second link will only give you a price quote ONLY on a new car:

The first is:

Click here to go to the 1st form to get the price quote emailed to you.

Make sure you come back to this page after filling out that quote form to get a different company (below) to quote you a price on a new car too.

The second is:

Click here to try out a second company that will provide the same free pre-haggled price quote emailed to you.

(Note: this second link will only give a quote on NEW CARS). So go to each form and see which company gives you a better price!